International facilities with global reach
Genomar Genetics operates R&D and production activities in Norway and several countries in Asia. From Asia, we distribute genetic material and services to our partners worldwide.


Genomar Norway
The headquarters of Genomar Genetics are located downtown Oslo (Norway). The high concentration of aquaculture research institutions and know-how in Norway, makes it an ideal location for a knowledge-driven entreprise like ours. We are applying the latest advances in breeding and genetics to deliver more robust and efficient tilapia to our clients.




Genomar Philippines
We operate our Breeding nucleus and main mulitiplier in the Philippines. Philippines is one of the major producing countries and also the cradle of selective breeding for Nile tilapia. Here we find much needed stability, continuity and talent to run the program. The 15 Ha site is located at Central Luzon State University with which we have enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration over the past years. Our multiplier/hatchery has the capacity to produce and ship several millions commercial breeders/fingerlings per year, serving the demand of international customers all year round.




Genomar Malaysia
Our unique partnership with Trapia Malaysia Sdn Bhd, gives us the opportunity to use world-class cage farming and processing facilities to test and document the performance of Genomar Supreme Stocks with regards to several traits including growth and fillet yield. In addition we have gathered lots of experience in the management of hatchery and grow-out operations which we make available to some of our customers in the forms of service. A great understanding of our customer´s challenges and tools for maximizing genetic potential are some of the advantages you access when you buy Genomar Supreme Tilapia.