Genomar´s Selective breeding program has a long-term strategy to improve the production performance, robustness and quality of GST tilapia. A basic schematic of the process is shown below.

Characteristics of GST breeding Program
•    Wide genetic diversity and world-class management
•    Pedigree data and DNA-assisted parental selection.
•    Combined Selection. We use a mixed of individual and family selection to maximize genetic gain.

•    Breeding Goals

We believe strongly on the role of animal breeding to support the efficiency and sustainability of the industry. Therefore we apply a balanced approach between production and functional traits to deliver our customer with a tilapia stocks that perform well in a variety of conditions.

– Harvest weight
– Stress tolerance
– Fillet yield

•    Control of inbreeding

To have a sustainable long term breeding program it is important to control the rate of inbreeding. Too rapid increase of inbreeding level can result in increased disease susceptibility, higher frequency of malformations, loss of performance and ultimately loss of potential for further genetic improvement.

Innovation: Genomic Selection
In January 2015, Genomar AS and the Center for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) signed a collaboration agreement for the development and application of a high density SNP array for Nile tilapia.

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